Unleashing the spirit of entrepreneurship to expand globally

From our humble beginnings, over 65 years ago, we have consistently upheld our business values while growing and diversifying our company beyond the original core business of industrial chemicals. We are proud to place special attention on our human capital, working together to develop respective capabilities and the spirit of entrepreneurship. We continue to grow, embracing and upholding the core values of our founders.

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Our core business since 1951. Chemicals are required globally for manufacturing sectors and demand is directly related to the growth of the manufacturing sectors of each country.



Indonesia's economic growth will increase the demand for energy. We believe our future lies in the ability to supply the increasing nationwide and per capita energy demands.


Lifestyle & Leisure

As the middle class of Indonesia expands so will demand for leisure and lifestyle activities. Domestic tourism and consumer spending will increase as the population's disposable income rises.


Supply Chain

Indonesia’s geographic diversity requires efficient physical movement of goods. Land, sea and air transportation will only increase with the growing economic status of Indonesia. We are poised to meet the demand by providing physical distribution capabilities.



Business growth and advancement cannot be independent from state of the art technology. We pride ourselves on our capability to keep up with technological advancements and ensure that technology serves to enhance our operations.


Expanding regionally in the 80s was a huge strategic shift – towards our global expansion plan

Conscious efforts were made to diversify our exposure beyond Indonesia. The realization of this enabled us to use our experience in similar markets within the region. This expansion and exposure to companies allowed us access to valuable networks. The strength of our success lies in our ability to work with partners from numerous countries and we pride ourselves on this capability.

Diversification was created to launch the business globally

The diversification to new industries was the result of opportunities arising from business expansions and financially driven investments. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to be globally competitive and successful in each and all of the businesses we are involved in.


Our vision is to be globally competitive by harnessing our resources and our entrepreneurial spirit.


We are committed to our mission of investing, partnering, acquiring, and innovating to expand our global business.

Our Legacy

Our philosophy

The core values passed down by our founders define who we are

We are constantly reminded of these core values which have become the cornerstone of who we are and what we represent. We were taught that upholding our reputation is non-negotiable. For the next generation, and in the years to come, our priority is to ensure that the reputation we are so privileged to have today is not diluted.

Working with The Company


  • Rachel House

    Our mission is to provide palliative care for children living with life-limiting conditions, allowing them to live with joy and dignity in a non-discriminatory, safe and loving environment.

  • Habitat for Humanity Indonesia

    Habitat for Humanity Indonesia builds, rehabilitates and repairs simple, decent homes with the help of home partner families, volunteers, and donations of money and materials.

  • Happy Hearts Fund Indonesia

    Happy Hearts Fund Indonesia is a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding schools and helping communities in need. Happy Hearts Fund Indonesia rebuilds safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters.


Head Office

Graha Indramas 4th Floor, K.S. Tubun Kav 77, Slipi, Jakarta Barat

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